Acro-Yogalates & Healing at a level of Consciousness & Building Personal Relationships

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Acro-Yogalates & Healing at a level of Consciousness & Building Personal Relationships

– 22 October  – 9 am -14 pm 2016
Studio- Center
7 River rd, Rivonia, Edenburg, Jhb.


Program of the day :

Presented by:

      9 h am  – 9h15 am –– Registration and Welcome
Time of the session 1  –– 9h15- 10h50 am:

 1st part 9h15 am  – 10h00 am   –– Healing session with Mario,
 2nd part 10h00 am  – 10h50 am  –– Diets and Dr.Yulia’s presentation
Time of the session 2  –– 11.00 am – 13h30pm:

 1st part 11h00 am  – 12h20 pm   –– Acro Yoga with Lois and Ben continue with
 2nd part 12h30 pm  – 13h15 pm  –– Yogalaties and Meditation with Olessia

Tea, coffer and healthy snacks break   –– 13h.15 am – 14h00 pm

SAT 22 October 2016

It’s time for our next Mind and Body Powerful follow up weekend-session and I assure you that you’re in for a great time, for a cracker.
My good friend and absolute legend in the healing industry, Mario Vaindirlis as well Acro Yoga – Lois and Ben and I have teamed up to create a powerful and unforgettable weekend event. As well guest speakers Diets and Dr. Yulia  will share with us knowledge and amassing healing equipment  and couching concepts.

IN THE first half of the morning  Mario , Diets and Dr.Yulia will be doing  “Healing at the Level of Consciousness” presentation and it is nothing short of miraculous and profound.
Come prepared to be blown away as they will  demonstrate how our thoughts and beliefs have a direct impact on our health and how physical illnesses are merely manifestations of emotional blockages and faulty belief systems. I have seen  them heal life  long conditions right there on the table in front of the audience.
It is truly remarkable!
After short break I will be doing one of my most favorite presentations and Yogalates session  , “Mastering Yoga and Pilates Dynamics”, and Acro Yoga  which explores the various Yoga Flows  and techniques , breathing and psyche. The intention of the  session and presentation is to give you a deeper insight into your own fitness and psyche routine  and help you master your relationships with yourself and others vie this helpful tools . You will leave this   weekend event  with a better understanding of your needs in fitness,  freshened up view of the world as well as an ability to connect with people from all walks of life. It is fun, entertaining and deeply inspiring. As always, the events at Pilatelicious are open to everyone and I highly recommend that you book your place by emailing or calling in order to guarantee a space as the last event was a completely booked.

The details for the event are as follows:

Date: Saturday  22 d October 2016
Arrival : 9h00
Registration 9h00 – 9h15

Time of the session 1 – 9h15 – 10h50
Healing session with Mario,  Diets and Dr. Yulia’s presentation:  stats at 9h20

Time of the session 2 – 10h55-13h15
Acro Yoga &Yogalaties session: starts at 11h00
Will be a  short break in between
Tea and coffee and healthy snacks after *

Venue: Pilatelicious Studio (click for map)
Cost: R230.00 
Please call on 083 969 5531 to book your place if you have any queries or email

I look forward to seeing you, working out together, and sharing an energetic and informative morning with you.
Don’t forget to be awesome!

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