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Spiritually Evolved


by Olessia Gorkovenko

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“Spiritually Evolved” is a synergy of themes from the education, psychology, psychotherapy, science, history, and other personal experiences. It is the story of personal growth from nothing to a new educational and scientific thinking which leads to global communion and co-creation. It is a guide to your personal journey on how spiritual practice leads to heightened creativity, better work performance, as well it leads to self-belief that it is possible for this kind of transformation. It is like being a bird and being able to fly anytime you want to see the world around you. This is an active and transformative book. A book which can help you, or someone you care about. It can help you to look and find your true self. This is practical, spiritual, creative and continuous agent of change. With this book you can discover in what you truly believe and that you can overcome previous misfortunes. When it comes to multi-intelligence you can figure out what is spiritual and logical software. It can help you to discover meaningful ways to express your commitments and to do more in this magnificent world.



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