What is Spiritual Intelligence and Spiritually Intelligent Love?

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What is Spiritual Intelligence


Spiritually Intelligent Love?


And why it matters…





Spiritually Intelligent Love is the Source of your belonging to something bigger than you, it’s a source of happiness, well-being and contentment



What is Spiritual Intelligence and Spiritually Intelligent Love?


How I’m going to change the minds of the people about their idea of the importance of the Spiritual Intelligence and Spiritually Intelligent Love in the life?


I will keep my message short, sharp, simple, convenient, practical so people will be able to see it’s true.

While they are ignorant in their view and not caring about spirituality in any way or form.  …


 Spiritually Intelligent Love:


What is the reason for this book or discussion about Spiritual Intelligence altogether?


I think, one of the main reasons for this book is it is to help others to find their hope and trust in anything and their reason to live in this world, to overcome their “depression” or “anger” about the way their life is at the present moment.


 What is Spiritually Intelligent Love?


  • It is a connection between you, Earth and the Universe.
  • It is a connection between all living beings in our planet.
  • It is a connection between all people on the planet (6th degree of separating as an example which we got to understand by now) 
  • It is a connection which makes your large family.
  • It is a connection of two people (their souls, hearts and mind).
  • It is a connection to yourself (connection to your own heart, soul and mind).

Understanding this interconnectedness and interlinking in multiple levels.


There is no separateness between action and the reaction. It is no doing without the doer.  All small things depend on big things, so as all big things depend on small things….




  1. Motivation for SQ( Spiritual Intelligence ) ? 


In light of all the exposed choices and doings, most people right now are looking for the better prism to see their world, their reality, their life, as no matter how devastated or well, there is something not right. They know it, they just don’t know who to trust and what is the correct choice?


  1. What this book (or this information) can bring you?


This book can help you with empathetic, honest and trustworthy information about current state of facts about fundamental and everyday important issues about “depression” (suicides), ways to cope; money matters- transaction exchange; Love matters; future of the humanity and so on…


  1. Why would you bother?


Well, let’s put it this way. If you don’t clean your teeth, they might just fall out. So if you really would like to become someone, not too much of an irrelevant person or just a “no” or “name”, this book is for you! Or if you would like to find a way out of your depression to a happy life, what either this might be.


  1. What is like to be (being) in a SQ Love experience?


Being in a SQ Love experience is like living outside of your life e.g.  removing/fixing disastrous relationships

Except for the necessities of useful destructiveness. Being interdependent in life you see everything closely related and therefore cherish it. The notion of causality is in your hands. AS you will recognise from the point of view of SQ there are no separate events.  It’s continuity and Full Love only and it is up to you to recognise this patterns and enjoy this knowing. 


  1. What will you choose- to be connected to everything or to be disconnected?


This is about your choice of interconnectedness, way out of your irrelevance(non-importance) and way out of your depression, fast ageing, our despairs and anger with yourself and this world. The way forward is more interconnectedness.

This is a choice of dropping ideas of the “dualism”, choice of the “oneness” and that your life matters.

Being integrated and not analytical only is a better way of being. The use of analytical thinking is not the best method of final ideas or hypophysis. Being analytical is the only the part of the process.

SQ Love is a happy and uplifting experience of truly loving yourself.

Just allowing yourself to be yourself, smiley(&silly), finding and keeping balance in everything. Not striving for perfection, but just allowing it to become, via learning and practice and allowing Love (any expressions of love) to be part of your life.

Via trails and mistakes learning your talents and become good in them, focusing on being grounded, listening to others and make a contribution to society.


Spiritually Intelligent Love gives us the ability to have a moral, intellectual and emotional (integrative) sense of True Love, an ability to challenge old rules which block any forms and expressions of Love, an ability to have compassion and actively to apply it. It gives us an ability to be deeply connected to society, to your environment, to this Planet, to influence it, to change it for the better and fill accomplishments and a sense of belonging.


Experiencing SQ Love is very unselfish!

Intense desire and fulfillment to grow spiritually. How does it feel?

Building and enjoying networks of people around you on the basis of the choice of being connected, need and want to be connected.


Arriving to the understanding that choice to be connected is a right choice. Connection to the planet as is important as a connection to yourself.

Value all opportunities, gifts, exchanges, gratitude, connectedness between self-ego) and our Planet and Universe.


  1. What can it provide you with practically?


  • Authenticity (make you special)
  • Personal growth
  • Push your limits
  • Change your mind for better (dependent mind to become capable mind)
  • Give you keys to your life
  • Transforms you from feeling (or being) insignificant to significant
  • Transforms you from stagnant to active.
  • Practical good, it is to provide us with context to our actions, developing and accessing it, which helps to solve problems.
  • Better understanding of Mysteries, challenges, adventures, pain and suffering, helping others to overcoming challenges.
  • Enhancement of all people awareness and connectedness (like monkey with potato experiment, where many monkeys learn to peel a potato).


  1. What is Spiritual?


Breathing literally, or being fully alive.


What is being (or becoming) more spiritual means?


Feeling with all senses, thinking with all your thoughts, achieving your potential as much as it is possible, experience grace, forgiveness, helping others. Reach to your true self – and share it with the world.


The exact opposite of Spiritually Intelligent Love is the expression of Fear. When you fear something, you push it away and disconnect, you exclude it from yourself.

The ultimate reality is oneness, unity and connection to everything.

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