Stress-free Yoga – Conscious Unity In Practice.

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Originally developed in India as a spiritual expression in action, in today’s modern

evolution yoga is seen as the Stress-Free expression of consciousness in mind and

emotion through physical and bodily movement.

Studies have determined the effectiveness of Yoga as a Stress-Free Modality effective

and complimentary for healing and treating specific modern day stress related

distresses, diseases and dysfunction’s ranging from common anxiety, neuralgia,

neurosis, hyper tension, insomnia, schizophrenia, asthma, cancer and various cardiac



In theory and practice, Yoga is even more essential as it’s a conscious based practice

that influences conscious healing patterns effective and vibrant on a DNA level.

In fact there are many compounded words containing Yoga in Sanskrit with meanings

such as “union”, “connection”, “contact”, “application”, “addition”, and

“performance”. In summary in simple Sanskrit translation Yoga also means “in

contact with a conscious chord.”


Throughout the evolution of human kind many schools of Yoga exist historically

however in this modern day chapter, Yoga is recognised in the school of Modern



Furthermore, modern day Theologists have many complimentary esoteric views

which in theory and practice substantiate the interaction and inter reflection of Yoga

and consciousness healing in the physical and the spiritual, which in essence is the

foundation and source of mystical miracles and marvels.

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