Welcome to 2016

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Welcome to 2016

Here is an overview of how Pilatelicious can help you

I have a M.Ed. (Psy) degree with a major in Psychology and qualified in Sport Psychology, Counseling and Coaching modalities, Yoga, and Pilates. I have a passion for teaching and coaching, and am extremely meticulous in getting the best results. I will work for you, and then carry on working with you, insuring that no mistakes slip by and you are staying motivated.  I will carefully check with a beginning assessment, and other assessments, for a month or so on a full plan and training routine, nutrition and state of mind advice as well as other support. If I have a suggestion to make, I won’t hesitate if I feel that it will help you to polish your work and achieve new results to perfection – after all, that’s why I’m doing it. My colleagues are well equipped as well. So let’s start.


Olessia Gorkov

Excellent Motivational and Stress-free coach, Yoga and Pilates specialist M.Ed. (Psy) -psychology specialist.

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