Sports Psychology Workshop


The field of sport psychology is growing fast, as people involved in sports discover more and more that the key to peak performance, and what separates good athletes from great ones, is the mental game.


Developing Your Knowledge, Skills, and Practice in Sport Psychology


Sports Psychology Workshop Objectives

What you’ll be able to do at the conclusion of this sports psychology workshop:

  • Enumerate the important opportunities and challenges in sport psychology
  • Identify which of your present clinical/counseling skills are directly applicable to working with athletes
  • Identify what new knowledge, skills, and credentials you will need to acquire in order to work with athletes
  • Know what resources are available to help you acquire these
  • Discuss the important ethical issues related to this specialty
  • Understand principles of mental skills training and be able to conduct a basic assessment and intervention plan
  • Plan a marketing strategy for your practice


  • Overview of sport psychology
  • Your practice goals
  • What you need to know
  • What you already know
  • Psychological Sport Association
  • Association for Applied Sport Psychology Certified Consultant program
  • Developing your knowledge and skills
  • Developing your credentials
  • Ethical issues
  • Working with specific populations: young athletes, women, injured athletes, athletes in transition
  • The Nine Mental Skills of Successful Athletes – A performance enhancement assessment and intervention model
  • Marketing your practice and your own development

Continuing Education

All participants who attend the full sports psychology workshop will receive a certificate of completion from Congress.

For Additional Information

Contact Olessia Gorkovenko  Pshy (ED) ; Pilatelicious,Studio-Center for Sport & Psychology

Phone: +27(011)- 234-5323