* All circles begin and end with RELAX-Action (Meditation and yoga/Pilates) exercises.


Circle One: The Lesson of Consciousness:

In this Module we combine heart and mind in order to effectively overcome pre-conditioned feelings and illusions of self inadequacy and powerlessness in order to meet life’s obstacles and challenges mindfully and consciously.


Circle Two:  The lesson of Centring:

This module brings us to complete inner and outer balance on both emotional and physical levels in order to reach stress-free consciousness thus maintaining permanent and pervasive inner peace and harmony regardless of existential circumstances.


Circle Three:  The lesson of Compassion:

This vital module captivates the universal truth of conscious healing through opening the gates of our hearts compassionately to emotional oneness and unity within self and the world that surrounds us.

Circle Four:  The lesson of Simplicity:

In order to survive the global trends of socio-economic demeanour it is sometimes essential that we compromise and adapt some of our personal needs and values. Module four effectively encourages us to simplify our lives by clearing up our habitual practices, false values and emotional attachments in order to create more inner harmony and space for contemplation and peace of mind.


Circle Five: The lesson of Natural cycles:

What we resist will often persist. At times life has its own cycles and natural rhythms. By effectively tuning into the repetitive cycles and lessons of our lives we learn to “go with the flow” and allow life to live itself.


Circle Six: The Lesson of Timing:

In this module we allow feminine grace to take its natural course by practising effective timing in our lives, remaining centred whilst blending the female ethic energetically with other people, places and events.

Circle Seven: The Lesson of Courage and Strength:

Living in the heart, facing our challenges and fears, moving foreword gracefully in a prosperous life with courage and strength.



Circle Eight: The Lesson of Strength:

Lesson eight gives us a new definition and understanding of strength which combines the polarities of power and peace in a stress-free and harmonious mandate.


Circle Nine:  The lesson of Oneness:

This module brings us to balance with an awareness of the patterns (both positive and negative) around us,  with compassion and care of the self in unity and Oneness with the life and circumstances  around us in order to create harmony and understanding in “the way things should be” in our stress-free lifestyles.



Circle Ten: The Ultimate Lesson of Harmony:

In this final module, by transcending conflict effortlessly with character and charisma, we feel the tide turning in our lives as we contemplate the lessons that have been learnt on the poignant journey of our lives as we move foreword in light with fully empowered feminine grace and glory to a life beyond our dreams.


Program Objective:

The Stress-Free FEM-Active program is the first of it’s kind. Developed and designed to cater for the needs and emotions; the conditioning and conviction of the woman who walks her path in these stress ridden world in which we live.


A modern day breakthrough from traditional stress management to a more personalised , emotionally nurturing, self enriching intervention. The softer, more sensitive, intimate, compassionate and caring, personal approach to true stress management. A vital interjection of movement in harmony in body, mind and emotion.


This is a holistic deeply inspiring, intimate, heart warming program that is interactive and outcomes based, enriching the emotional and physical body.



Mission Criteria:


* Conquering the illusion of stress by understanding the consciousness of stress. (The process of stress and the movement of thought and emotion,)

* Nurturing the past and inspiring the future.

* Balancing the emotional and the physical.

* Bridging hearts and conquering emotional obstacles.

* Inspiring Oneness and Unity in compassion.

* Rebuilding heart felt needs and philanthropic values.

* Stressed for Success and FREE to be your best!


Program Features:

RELAX-Action processes which combine meditation in the process of yoga and emotional release exercises followed by deeply emotionally inspiring inter-active circle groups with inter active coaching.