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Stress-Free (1)


Stress-free consciousness, vitality and performance

go hand in hand with success.

Holistic Business Coaching develops and facilitates strategic business, marketing and

finance consultation as, at THE SAME TIME it develops holistically balanced,

healthy, fit, high performance facilitation for business entrepreneurs and leaders on a

personal basis. Ultimately thus holistically minded business people who need business

coaching have an exclusive and personalised option with many related benefits.

As a highly successful and well established businessman and entrepreneur, with a

background in FMCG and national branding and marketing, as well as gym and

fitness club ownership, as a springboard to a life time in Personal Stress care, and

stress-free conscious coaching, Mario Vaindirlis the founder of the Stress-Free Zone

offers a personalised and professional STRESS-FREE business coaching solution on a

One-On-One or small group (dynamic) basis. Prices and details upon enquiry.

Backed by Olessia Gorgov and the Pilatelicious Studio, core fitness in the form of

meditation, Yoga and Pilates is also offered as a holistic Stress-Free package.

Ollesia herself, is an internationally based Sports psychologist as well as the Studio

owner and practicing coach and instructor.

All further details are available upon enquiry: