Our Philosophy

“I know you remember!

You engage in your sport lifestyle because it enhances, lightens up your life. You owe it to yourself and to those who caring about you and most likely helping you to do your best.

Can you do more?

Win or lose, you’re still the same person and life moves on… Mhhhh … the truth is – it is better to lean to win with grace, especially other you’re hidden weaknesses before you will try real opponents. It is your chosen commitment and struggle towards excellence that makes you a better person, not your win-loss record. Enjoy yourself, learn, and savor the day!” Yes, learn every day and count on your learning vile appreciating the meaningful change in you.

Its a very interesting journey*


Who should attend?

  • Is a qualified psychologist and want to advance your expertise in sport?
  • Are undergoing supervised training and wish to move beyond „mental skills? Work?
  • Is a postgraduate student and want to further your applied knowledge?
  • Is a practitioner working with athletes to develop their psychological approach?
  • Want to gain insights/techniques to increase your impact with athletes?
  • Feel the current provision of workshops in sport psychology; sport or other workshops do not meet your needs`?
  • Want to take part in a unique training opportunity to develop your practitioner skills?

Wish to learn more about sport psychology in a relaxed environment?

Learning outcomes

What you will gain from the Masterclass workshop:

  • New ideas about working on psychological processes with athletes & anyone passionate about sport
  • Ways to develop vital professional relationship skills through innovative delivery
  • Better engagement of your athletes with psychology for performance
  • A refreshing approach to delivery of psychological concepts in sport
  • (Seven hours +) of knowledge and application from a highly passionate and qualified and experienced coaches & psychologists working to bring latest expertise.

A certificate of attendance on request

How to book

Workshop / Masterclass places are limited to retain a high-quality individual learning experience. You are advised to book early to avoid disappointment.

An application form with a range of payment options, and extensive venue details can be found on the www.pilatelicious.co.za/  ( every last Saturday of the month 9:45 am to 3 pm )





To discuss your Masterclass workshop

Please telephone 083 9695531 (South Africa) or send an email: ovg2008@gmail.com / olessia@pilatelicious.co.za




Check various locations



More to come!!! France, Greece, Russia


Prices for Masterclass workshop

  • 1 day  (every last Saturday of the month 9:45 am to 3 pm) workshop

Costs: R 1.700.00 light snacks, tea, coffer. Supporting office forms, assessment tools, references, an abstracts and relevant reading materials for self-study www.pilatelicious.co.za

Students can ask for 20% discount for any workshop.

Second workshop 10% discount.

Group discounts up to 40%

1 h consultation (various) + email office forms, assessment tools, an abstracts, references and relevant reading materials for further study.

Costs: R 650.00; second consult R 500.00

1 h consultation (Skype; anywhere in the world) + email office forms, assessment tools, and relevant reading materials for further self-study.

Costs: R 650.00; second consult R 500.00 Or Rand equivalent *